Babies – especially newborn babies – are kind of my thing. I won’t toot my own horn about much, but I have been called a baby whisperer more times than I can count (which is A-OK in my book!). Before your newborn session, you’ll want to make sure your baby is nice and sleepy and I’m here as a South Jersey newborn photographer to share my top tips to get that baby SNOOZIN’.

south jersey newborn photographerTip #1: Give baby a warm bath

Turn up the heat (or heating up the bathroom with a space heater ahead of time!) warm up some towels in the dryer, and get out the lavender lotion! Many of my clients find that a nice warm bath ahead of the session helps to keep baby sleepy. As a South Jersey newborn photographer, many of my parents find that their baby sleeps much better after a nice bath! A bath can also help in reducing flaky skin – definitely don’t skimp on the lotion afterwards. And if your baby has cradle cap? One more scrub with a cradle cap reducing soap can make sure that they’re picture ready.

newborn photographer south jerseyTip #2: Make sure baby is well fed and burped

They call it milk drunk for a reason, right? It can be hard to time when to feed baby especially when they’re cluster feeding or feedings seem inconsistent, but if it’s possible, try to give baby a full feed before the session. I like to have my parents feed baby right before leaving their house if they’re coming to the studio for a studio session and it’s a 30 minute or less drive, or right when they arrive to the studio if it’s a longer drive. As a Delaware newborn photographer, my studio is stocked with whatever you need to feed baby – bottle warmers, nursing pillows, you name it!

Consider burping baby well, right after feeding – especially if your baby tends to spit up or has reflux. When babies are laid down directly after eating, it can cause them to spit up more than normal – something we don’t want during your session with your South Jersey newborn photographer (but don’t worry – if it does happen, we have tons of blankets and wraps to swap out)!

south jersey newborn photographyTip #3: Keep baby awake before the session – but approach with caution!

This can definitely backfire so please approach with caution and adjust as necessary! Before the session and before you do a last feed with baby, try keeping baby awake with tummy time, leg kicks, outside time if the weather permits, you name it. You might have noticed that babies can get overtired when they’re up for too long – and we definitely want to avoid that can make it even harder for babies to fall asleep.

newborn photography south jerseyAnd a bonus tip: ask your South Jersey newborn photographer for a prep guide

All of my newborn families receive an in-depth prep guide ahead of the session with my list of tips to prepare for the session, what to consider packing in their bag, and a run-down of how the session will go. They find this incredibly helpful as they plan for their session with a Delaware newborn photographer! Ask your photographer if they have a prep guide for you to review, or what items they have in their studio that make your packing list lighter.

Need to get your baby sleepy for their newborn session? Top 3 tips from a South Jersey newborn photographer!

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