Choosing your Delaware newborn photographer is a big deal – this person is going to be handling your days-old baby, for Pete’s sake! I think it’s incredibly important for families to trust and connect with their Delaware newborn photographer as this person will be working with you before, during, and after your family grows and you experience the joy of adding a child to your family, whether it’s your first or fourth.

Here are 5 things to consider as you go through the process of choosing your Delaware newborn photographer. 

delaware newborn photographerDoes the photographer offer studio and in-home sessions?

For some families, there is a lot of appeal with an in-home session. Whether mama needs time to recover and the thought of sitting in the car isn’t very pleasant, or if there are pets that you’d like to include, some families choose their Delaware newborn photographer because they offer in-home newborn sessions.

For other families, having a studio option is extremely important. Showing up and not having to straighten up the house? That’s definitely something to consider! Either way, you’ll want to ask your Delaware newborn photographer if they offer both kinds of sessions as that gives you the flexibility of location either way. 

Veronika Paluch Photography offers studio sessions in a gorgeous 1400 square foot commercial studio, as well as newborn sessions in client homes. 

how to choose delaware newborn photographerDoes the photographer have extensive experience handling newborn babies? 

Y’all, this is SO important. Your Delaware newborn photographer is going to be handling your most precious belonging – your newborn baby. Ensuring that your photographer has extensive experience with newborns is so important. Simply being a parent is not experience enough; for example, I have experience styling my hair, but that doesn’t mean I’m skilled enough to cut my own or anyone else’s.

Ask your photographer about their experience with newborns. Read reviews and ask other families about their experience with the Delaware newborn photographer. 

Veronika Paluch Photography has years and years of experience photographing newborn babies with over 180 five star reviews from families. 

newborn photographer delawareWhat extra services does the photographer offer? 

Different photographers offer a variety of different services and perks. Here are Veronika Paluch Photography, all clients – in home or studio! – have the opportunity to complimentary styling services and access to the Client Closet, with over 170 dresses and hundreds of options for children. All wraps, blankets, bonnets, and headbands are included as part of your session. Hair and makeup services can be arranged with a top-of-the-line artist. 

newborn photography delawareHow long is the session and how does the session flow? 

To the plain eye, longer sessions can seem better – but in my years and years of experience, this isn’t always the case. You’ve just brought your baby home – spending 6+ hours for your newborn session is a huge ordeal for a new family. Newborns don’t perform on demand and they’re unpredictable; this is why newborn sessions with me don’t have a hard end time. I photograph a session that you’ll love, with sessions generally lasting 1.5-2.5 hours.

While you’re interviewing your Delaware newborn photographer, you’ll also want to get a sense of what the session will actually look like, and the ability for your photographer to be flexible with older siblings or a baby who needs time for feeding, changing, or soothing. 

delaware newborn photographyDoes the photographer have experience photographing sessions in a variety of lighting conditions? 

Photographer portfolios, websites, and Instagram showcase their work. Different kinds of homes have different lighting situations; for example, our townhome in South Philadelphia had a very dark middle portion of the house (due to the fact that windows were only on the sides) but soft light towards the back of the house. Large trees outside of a house can reflect green light on the subject (i.e. you).

Ask your Delaware newborn photographer to browse several full galleries with lots of different lighting scenarios as you’ll want to find a photographer who can work with a variety of situations. what to ask delaware newborn photographer

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