I'm Veronika, a photographer based in Paoli, Pennsylvania, serving the Main Line & Philadelphia areas. I'm a mother of two; Eleanor is 18 months and Everett is almost 4.

Life has brought me all over, but photography has remained a constant for the better part of 15 years! We live in a 1922 Colonial, which we've spent the better part of three years restoring. I'm happiest when I'm making; from baking to building to sewing to photographing, I like to keep my hands busy!

My most precious belongings are the photographs I have of my children. I want to remember the way my son stands on his tiptoes to brush his teeth, my daughter's tiny curls at the nape of her neck, the toothy toddler grin that appears right before being tickled. The bond between mothers and their children became my focus after I had children. As mothers, we're always on the other side of the camera - I hope to bring you in front with your children, so that decades from now, they're able to see how much you loved them. 

Being able to give this experience to my clients is one of my greatest joys in life; having a mother see how beautiful she is with her children (no matter how big or how small!) is the reason why I began my business, and it's an honor to be able to capture these memories for families.

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